Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity

To Apply

Please note that the Trust only funds registered charities. It does not fund individuals or expeditions, other than through sponsoring charities.

All applicants must complete the application form which can be found here: Online Application

Before beginning your application please ensure that you have read the information on our grant policy page and a breakdown of projects we will and will not fund on our home page.

The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity ("the Charity") gives grants to registered charities in the UK, usually operating in London, and also in the developing world. Other geographical areas within the UK are sometimes considered if there is a personal geographical connection with one of our trustees. If you are applying from outside of London or the developing world, please email us first to check your eligibility:

Generally grants go to charities where the grant will make a difference and where the Trustees can see how the money is being used.

Please note that the Charity does not ordinarily fund charities with an annual income of more than £5m, with the exception of medical research charities.

Application Deadlines

The Trustees meet twice a year to allocate grants.

The deadline for the winter meeting is 30th November.The meeting will take place in January, and successful applicants will receive their grants in February/March.

The deadline for the summer meeting is 13th May. The meeting will take place in July, and successful applicants will receive their grants in August/September.

As we receive such a large number of applications, we ask that you do not wait until the day of the deadline before sending in an application if possible.

A list of recent grants made is available in the Charity's accounts

The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity processes personal data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Charity obtains and uses information, including personal data, as part of the process of assessing grant applications and monitoring the use of grants. The information, including personal data, which you provide on the grant application forms, or in supporting documentation, may be made public as part of the assessment of applications. Information, including personal data, may be assessed and monitored by external evaluators contracted to the Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity. It will not be used for any additional purposes or disclosed to any third parties without your permission, except for the purpose of determining, preventing or detecting crime, validating the bona fides of contracts or where this is otherwise required by law.

Our contact details for enquiries about how we process your information are:

preferably by email to:

Or write to us at:

The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity
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